1. We went for the Mario joke in the photo caption on #todaysfrontpage


  2. Cookie cake time, in honor of page designer Chris.


  3. A whole bunch of election night livestream equipment just arrived at @rollcalldc HQ!


  4. Obligatory newsroom shot of everyone checking out the crazy weather.


  5. #Repost from @tomleewilliams at the Best Western #Wichita with @alexis_levinson: This is what #rollcallontheroad looks like.


  6. #Repost from @shiracenter, who spotted #CQWeekly’s guest appearance in season 3 of #Homeland.


  7. #Repost from @clarkfoto: Dinosaurs and baseball #Nattitude


  8. CUTE DOG (and lots of news) on #todaysfrontpage


  9. How to get along/how to attack Congress on #todaysfrontpage


  10. #Repost from @clarkfoto: Even during recess you never know what you’ll see outside of the Capitol.